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Asuransi X-Tra Premier Investa

Asuransi X-Tra Premier Investa is an insurance investment linked product (unit linked) for you, our beloved customers who want to achieve maximum investment return. 

This product is supported by an innovative investment strategy: Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI). The strategy is an investment management mechanism which locks the highest investment value (High Water Mark) in the first 8 years (observation period) from 10 years policy period. CIMB Sun Life’s Investment Manager will help to assure you in achieving the highest investment target at the end of your policy period.  So, you don’t need to be worried about your investment return.

Asuransi X-Tra Premier Investa’s Special Features:
  1. CPPI strategy provides best mechanism to protect your investment fund value by locking the highest unit price during the observation period by using innovative fund of CSL Link Premier I. 
  2. Providing you with the opportunities to add your investment fund or top up your investment fund and also providing you with flexible fund withdrawal accordingly to your needs.*
  3. Application without health requirement.

Benefits of Asuransi X-Tra Premier Investa: 
  1. Maturity Benefit: At policy maturity date, policy holder will receive an amount of investment fund value which is hoped no less than the highest unit price during the observation period. Policy holder can also enjoy her/his investment fund anytime she/he needs it.**
  2. Death Benefit: If the insured dies due to any cause during the policy coverage period, an amount of sum assured of 150% of basic premium and investment fund value are payable to the beneficiary.***
For more information, please contact CIMB Sun Life’s Customer Contact Center at 500 089 or Email customer.service@cimbsunlife.com

*Subject to the Policy Contract.

**Withdrawal or surrender will be processed every month following to the policy’s issuance date. 
***In the first 6 months, sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary if policy holder dies due to accident only. 

Disclaimer: This program is a product of CIMB Sun Life, and Bank CIMB Niaga is not responsible for risks arising from the product and this product is not included in the scope of the government guarantee program. The use of logo and/or other attributes of Bank CIMB Niaga in the product’s marketing documents are intended only to indicate the existing cooperation between Bank CIMB Niaga with CIMB Sun Life. Provisions that are fully applicable are set forth in the policy issued by CIMB Sun Life.

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