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Asuransi X-Tra Medika Plus

Asuransi X-Tra Medika Plus provides you with peace of mind during challenging times due to sickness or accident, by providing coverage for daily hospitalization and also death benefit.

Asuransi X-Tra Medika Plus is a Refundable of Premium – Hospital Cash product, details of the benefits are as follows:

  • For living insurance benefits, customers will receive daily hospitalization fixed cash benefit for 120 days at maximum per year for sickness or accident, 90 days at maximum per admission if due to sickness, double daily cash benefit for ICU treatment and 50% Return of Premium (ROP) as maturity benefit, with or without   hospitalization. 
  • For death benefit, the assured beneficiary will receive 10 times daily hospitalization fixed cash benefit depending on the plan chosen by the customers.
The coverage and premium payment of this product is 8 years, with monthly premium payment scheme. This product is offered to CIMB Niaga credit card holders and saving account customers through our Direct Marketing/Telemarketing (DM/TM) channel.

For More Information, please Contact Customer Contact Center of CIMB Sun Life at 500 089 and e-mail: customer.service@cimbsunlife.com


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